Digital Queer Library

Building a digital archive in Arabic language covering different aspects of Gender and
sexuality minorities, queer history and culture in different forms of media, including and not limited to, oral history archive.

Digital Security Trainings

Providing digital security trainings through peer education and group learning in the
form of customized trainings to fit the needs of different members of the LGBT community.

LGBT Egyptian Media Monitor

Monitoring media online as well as other forms of media for terminologies used and
also to document and track LGBTQI and gender related violations reported.

Queer women self care

Community projects dedicated for queer women to empower and build social networks
and includes different activities including self-defence trainings, art expression,
mediation and storytelling, etc.

“We are not sick” advocacy project

An advocacy project focused on the national and international level to document and
report violations/ malpractice from psychiatrists in Egypt regarding “treating
homosexuality and Gender dysphoria” and signing a petition against that for opposing
psychiatrists with the aid of international mental health and psychiatric institutions.

Health Projects

Rainbow Egypt provides free/ subsidized one to one and group support for LGBT
individuals facing emotional and mental distress.
HIV and other STD testing and screening are also being offered in this category. For
more information, kindly visit the Health tab.

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